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Japanese Restaurant Kosan

A place to eat Japanese 【Furumachi】

We have been serving customers since 1895 in Furumachi district, known for its canals and willow trees.…

Dan-ya Takigawa

Izakaya A place to drink 【Furumachi】

“Welcome home.” We work hard to create a home-like atmosphere that makes you feel at home in Furumachi.…

Japanese Restaurant Ikinariya

A place to eat Japanese 【Furumachi】

A Japanese restaurant with over 300 years of history since its founding in the Genroku era (late 1600’s…


A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

Founded in 1873 in the Furumachi district, we continue to sell sweets in the same area today. Beginning…

Restaurant Daikokutei

A place to eat Western 【Furumachi】

Our cozy shop seats just 12, but provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy traditional Western-style dishe…


Izakaya A place to drink 【Furumachi】

Located in Niigata’s Shimomachi for more than 30 years. We serve Niigata-brewed sake with various dishe…

Seafood and Local Sake Izakaya Okomeya

Izakaya A place to drink 【Furumachi】

We use fish caught off the coast of Sado Island and vegetables and rice raised in the soil and water of…


A place to drink A place to eat Desserts Cafe 【Furumachi】

Créecher is a compound word made from the French words for create and search. We keep those two wo…

Furumachi Fujimura

Izakaya A place to drink 【Furumachi】

We renovated a warehouse built more than 130 years ago to create our dignified and relaxed atmosphere. …

Shusen Shokusai Sanga

A place to eat Japanese 【Furumachi】

We strive every day to fulfill our goal of providing smooth and attentive service to our guests. We fee…

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