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A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

Founded in 1873 in the Furumachi district, we continue to sell sweets in the same area today. Beginning…


A place to drink A place to eat Desserts Cafe 【Furumachi】

Créecher is a compound word made from the French words for create and search. We keep those two wo…

Doshinkasho Maruya Honten

A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

Since our founding in 1878, Maruya Honten has been creating sweets that reflect Niigata’s seasons and e…

Mizukian Kanemakiya

A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

Historic shop founded in 1871. In our tasteful interior, our famous sweets are lined up by the dozens. …

Japanese Tea Asakawaen Cafe Yasuragi

A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

Located on the second floor of the Japanese tea specialty shop Asakawaen. Our menu focuses on Japanese …

Furumachi Koji Workshop

A place to eat Desserts 【Furumachi】

The koji rice malt drink specialty shop started here in Niigata’s own Furumachi. We serve drinks with…

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