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Restaurant Daikokutei

A place to eat Western 【Furumachi】

Our cozy shop seats just 12, but provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy traditional Western-style dishe…

Buffet Restaurant Tsubaki

A place to eat Western 【Furumachi】

All ages of guests enjoy our shop at a reasonable price. Our hotel-made dessert is also popular.

Bistro Como Marco Polo

A place to drink A place to eat Western Cafe 【Furumachi】

We have created a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a classic European bistro, complete with stained-…

Shangri La

A place to eat Western 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

The Niigata Tokyu Inn restaurant Shangri La supports Niigata agriculture by serving dishes made from ca…

Steakhouse Azuma

A place to eat Western 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Well-loved for a quarter of a century Niigata Toei Hotel Authentic Steak House Azuma Our skills bring o…

All Day Dining Serena

A place to eat Western 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Bright and open All Day Dining Serena. Enjoy a variety of dishes all day, for breakfast, lunch, and din…

Pia Ken

A place to eat Western 【Furumachi】

Niigata’s historic Western-style restaurant for 89 years. The first floor holds a restaurant that can b…

Western-style Restaurant Dancing Doll

A place to eat Western 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Directly managed by the Bandai Silver Hotel. We serve authentic, traditional Western-style dishes for l…

Ringo no Ki

Izakaya A place to drink A place to eat Japanese Western 【Furumachi】

In our homey shop run by parent and child, you can enjoy nigiri sushi with top quality meat such as Hid…

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