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SEASON Casual Dining & Wine

A place to eat French Italian 【Furumachi】

Our stylish interior with comfortable chairs and European-style tables is a popular spot to hold after …

Taverna Chiacchierino

A place to eat Italian 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

We serve Italian cuisine, focusing on seafood. We use an abundance of fresh local seafood and vegetable…

La Salita

A place to eat Italian 【Furumachi】

Opened in 2006 with the concept of bringing out the best in our ingredients through Italian cooking, an…


A place to eat Italian 【Furumachi】

After working in a variety of restaurants in Niigata and Tokyo for 8 years, our chef worked for 6 years…


A place to eat Italian 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Lunch includes our popular salad buffet! All you can eat and drink of salad, dessert, soft drinks, soup…

Deli & Restaurant Piatto Giorni

A place to eat Italian 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Deli & Restaurant Piatto Giorni is a deli and pasta shop based on Italian cuisine, located in Niiga…


A place to eat Italian 【Furumachi】

In 2012 we moved to a new location behind the Mitsukoshi department store, and created 3 new different …

Italian Cafe Il Macckerone

A place to eat Italian 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Delicious and reasonable, where even single guests can enter with ease. Lunch is served until 17:00, co…


A place to drink A place to eat Italian Japanese-style Snack Bar 【Furumachi】

When you think of Niigata, you think of Furumachi. Our enduringly popular shop stands right in the midd…

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