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Izakaya A place to drink 【Furumachi】

Dan-ya Takigawa

POINT ポイント

“Welcome home.” We work hard to create a home-like atmosphere that makes you feel at home in Furumachi. Do you want to enjoy a rich variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes for your evening snack? And do you want to enjoy this variety of dishes together with a variety of sake? If we have the ingredients on hand, we will make whatever you request. If you have a favorite sake, or a bottle lying around at home, feel free to bring it in. (Corkage fee of 1,000 yen/bottle required.) This is your home. Relax however you like.


Dried Herring with Japanese pepper450 yen
Soft dried herring flavored with natural Japanese pepper leaves. The perfect snack to accompany sake.
Sado Dried Persimmons in Butter450 yen
Dried persimmons from Sado Island are soaked in rum and kneaded into butter, also from Sado.
Japanese-style Cream Cheese350 yen
Cream cheese is made into a Japanese-style snack by adding myoga ginger, green onions, dried bonito flakes, and soy sauce. Try it with sake or with wine!

DATA 店舗情報

Name Dan-ya Takigawa
Telephone No. 025-222-5038
Fax No. 025-222-5038
Email Address
Address 951-8063
6-956, Furumachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi
Hours of Operation
Holidays Sunday, national holidays
Parking No
Parking Coupon Service No
Total Seats 11 seats
Private Rooms No
Chair Seating Yes
Banquet Seating Up to 11 people
Floor Seating No
Average Budget (Estimated) 3,500 yen per person
Credit Cards Accepted or Not No

MAP 地図

Niigata Sta. / Bandai Furumachi South of Niigata Sta. Other Niigata City