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Tenchi Hosaku

A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

Enjoy food made from locally-raised ingredients at Tenchi Hosaku. Please try locally-raised Echigo Moch…

Tokeidai Ramen

A place to eat Ramen Chinese 【South-of-niigata-station】

Opened in 1977. A beloved local favorite for many years, on Keyaki Dori south of Niigata Station. Our r…

Shunsai Japanese Cuisine Villages

A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

Enjoy local ingredients fresh from the market and seasonal produce from all over the country in our cre…

Coffee Club Shinwa Head Office

A place to drink Cafe 【South-of-niigata-station】

We are a specialty shop that roasts and sells our own coffee beans. We usually stock around 40 types of…

Japanese Cuisine Bandai

Izakaya A place to drink A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

In business for 28 years. We serve seasonal dishes as well as tempura, sashimi, grilled fish, fried chi…

Nomirante Kirari

Izakaya A place to drink 【South-of-niigata-station】

Fresh seafood brought in daily direct from the market and our contract fishermen! Served with seasonal …

Seasonal Restaurant Awose

A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

A 5-minute walk from Niigata Station. We carefully select our locally caught fresh fish and locally rai…

Japanese Cuisine and Inn Kohan

A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

This inn has been a favorite with tourists in the heart of Niigata for more than 50 years. Close to Nii…

Ajidokoro Kuemon

A place to eat Japanese 【South-of-niigata-station】

We have over 30 kinds of sake and 10 kinds of shochu, and serve dishes based on fresh locally caught fi…

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