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Restaurant Mont D’or

A place to eat French 【Furumachi】

As a result of preserving the tradition of French cuisine learned and learned in authentic Paris and so…

Tempura Hasegawa

A place to eat Japanese 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

“The essence of tempura is in the ingredients,” is what we say as we select our seasonal fish and veget…


A place to drink A place to eat Italian Japanese-style Snack Bar 【Furumachi】

When you think of Niigata, you think of Furumachi. Our enduringly popular shop stands right in the midd…

Ringo no Ki

Izakaya A place to drink A place to eat Japanese Western 【Furumachi】

In our homey shop run by parent and child, you can enjoy nigiri sushi with top quality meat such as Hid…

Sushi Kannon

A place to eat Japanese Sushi 【Furumachi】

A well-established sushi restaurant founded in Honcho in 1970. Run by an amiable couple. We have a vari…

Soba Sarashina

A place to eat Japanese 【Furumachi】

In the 6th ward of Higashibori-dori, your eyes are drawn to a blue sign. It’s on the corner of a narrow…

Japanese Restaurant Takemata

A place to eat Japanese 【Niigata-station-and-bandai】

Our chef creates seasonal dishes from carefully selected local ingredients with all of his heart. All o…

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